Other Species

Other game fish species ply the waters of Manitoba. Quite often anglers who’ll come north to Manitoba will focus their attention on this or that particular species. NO problem. How can you turn down an opportunity to angle some of the best walleye and channel catfish in North America? However for some anglers, after a few trips up to Manitoba, even these great angling opportunities can pale a little bit.

It is in light of this experience that Dan writes about his “other” species experiences. “Many” other angling opportunities exist. Getting out there and putting in your time with these other species can be a very rewarding experience. In some cases angling for these other species might involve different techniques and locations than you’d normally associate with other regularly fished game fish species. Dan shares some of his insights into the where, the when, and the how for these different species in the articles that you’ll find in this section. 

Other Specie