Manitoba’s written history is full of the exploits of many significant adventurers. Given the amount of water present in the province there are many historical stories that occurred directly because of our lakes and rivers. In short, there's a lot history in Manitoba connected with this great provincial resource. This adventures section is based on the experiences of Dan Kiazyk and his time on different bodies of water throughout the province and the fish that swim there. There are few corners of this Province that Dan hasn't fished. So it follows in this section that he has written about his experiences on bodies of water that are accessible to most anglers.

Get a taste of what a “Fishing Manitoba” adventures involves. The adventures described here involve not only the adventures of this fisherman to this or that location but they also involve his personal adventures into those other facets of this great sport. Building an ice house, getting out in a float tube to fly fish are all adventures of this prior sort. Additions to this section are ongoing so come back often to catch a glimpse into what Dan is up to…. 

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