Manitoban Fishing Adventures

Cattin' on the Red

Perhaps you're coming up to fish a favorite Manitoban lake or maybe you've got a connecting flight in Winnipeg for some far northern fishing destination or maybe you're just going to be in the Red river region....

Whatever the case might be.... why not book an extra day and go fish one of North America?s premier channel cat fisheries with Cat Eye Outfitter. This is the fishing trip of a lifetime for those folks who like their "Channel cats". With one our experienced catfish guides we'll tailor for you the guided catfishing trip of a lifetime. Our guides are available seven days a week throughout the catfishing season. For more info please contact us and let us know what you've got in mind...

If you want to share your experience with your family don't hesitate to give us a call. We'll do our very best accommodate you and your family. If your children have special needs Dan is a qualified and trained professional educator with many years of experience working with a variety of children with different needs. Let me share with you and your family my enthusiasm for this great sport!

Read what Scott Richardson, writer with the PANTAGRAPH (an Illinois newspaper)", has to report about a few local anglers experience with the Red's River Channel Catfish (2008) a .htm file

Read what David Bird, host of T.V.'s "Team Outdoors", has to say about his Red River Channel Catfish experience (2003)a .pdf file

Read what Julia Mckinnel said about her Manitoban catfishing trip on the Red river from her National Post Article July 31 2002 .(pdf article)

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Adventure Cattin'

There are other options for good catfishing in Manitoba. This opportunity requires a bit more time and a taste for exploration. We will get you where many have never fished for catfish!

Fall Greenback Hunting

Each fall walleye migrate down from the sprawling waters of the 12th biggest freshwater lake in the world -- Lake Winnipeg, to inhabit the Red River and Winnipeg River. These giant fish are truly unique in that they are an iridescent opal green that shimmers in the light like no other walleye in North America. Besides their special coloration these walleye are big. To turn a head on either the Red River or the Winnipeg River with a large walleye you have to be hoisting a walleye of more than ten pounds. Walleye as big as fifteen pounds are caught every year. The greenback run begins about the middle of September and continues on into November.

We can accommodate small or large groups 7 days a week. Unlike the "experts" out there we think of ourselves as "dedicated students" of the fall greenback run. Let us know what you've got in mind and we'll do our best to accommodate. And for those who want to pull one of these beauties through the ice, we offer ice fishing packages for small or large groups.

Fall and first ice is 'prime' time for BIG walleyes on both the Red and Winnipeg rivers. Locals call these walleye, Greenbacks because of their unique coloration. Read what what T J Schwanky in Outdoor Canada's "2004 Fishing" has to say about the Red River and its trophy walleye Outdoor Canada 2004 (pdf file). Another note on the productivity of the fishery can be found in Outdoor Canada's HOT SPOTS edition 2006 Outdoor Canada 2006

Read what The WALLEYE IN-SIDER has to say about the Winnipeg River / Lake Winnipeg in the (June July August) Summer 2008 Edition of the WALLEYE IN-SIDER (pdf file)

Read what Michael Hungle has to say about the Red River in the March/April 2004 edition of the Western Sportsman Western Sportsman (pdf file)

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Walleye Wonders

Haven?t caught a double digit 'eye yet and don't want to fish when it's really cold. Well, there are a few other spots also worth considering in terms of catching a gigantic walleye. Despite what many will say there are some "other" Manitoba walleye trophy hot spots. First there's the Waterhen river and there's there's also other rivers systems and lakes in NW Ontario during the summer...Yup... big walleye aren't only caught in the "Fall" and early winter up here in Manitoba/NW Ontario.

What about "lots" of walleyes in southern Manitoba. Well we've got you covered there as well with the walleye factory that is Lake of the Prairies.....lots of walleye? You bet.

You've got some options on how to do it too. Come up with your own boat and receive some orientation as to where to fish or we'll supply what you need to get the job done.With our services and experience you can cut down search time to concentrate on catching more trophies "when" it's convenient for you! Our professional walleye guiding will see that your day on the water is enjoyable and safe. Our walleye guiding has some limited availability, so call early to get the dates you want!

Wilderness Fishing

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"Hard Water" Angling or Ice Fishing

Trophy walleye, trophy perch, trophy whitefish, trophy pike, trophy trout are all accessible during the hard water period. A unique Canadian experience and we do it ALL winter long! Give us advance notice of your intentions and we?ll put you on the best bite possible for particular time of the hard water season. Starting as soon as conditions allow, we offer corporate ice-fishing packages for all sports species in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. These packages can either be fully guided or self directed excursions. Give us a call and check out your options.

One of our special trips involves getting out onto Lake Manitoba, catching a bunch of perch and giving you the means to have your own fish fry on the ice! March is the month to get into this trip with your employees and office friends. Book early as these trips never seem to be available after the end of January! See what the In-Fisherman 2012 Panfish guide (Daniel Isermann) reports on Manitoba Perch Monsters In-Fisherman Panfish Guide 2012 and other Manitoba perch destinations of note Panfish Guide 2014 (Steve Quinn)

Never really had an incredible walleye bite on ice? Well give us a call towards the beginning of November to book for the hot walleye bite that occurs during first ice. This "window" is only open and peaking for about three to four weeks. Call early to get into the best walleye ice action of the year.

Have a particular species you'd like to target on ice? Well let us know a month or to before the ice season starts and we'll see if we have knowledge of the where, the when and the how for that target species.

Rates: Please contact us and we will send you our price lists and any other information you require. For any information on any of the adventures described here, as well as what you can expect, contact us. References are available upon request. Manitoba Fishing Regulations 2014

Read Don Lamont's article from the Winnipeg Free Press, October 5, 2002 (.pdf article)

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MANITOBA FISHING LICENCES Manitoba has two classes of licences - regular and conservation. A conservation licence is intended for anglers who keep reduced limits of fish. Licences are valid from date of issue to April 30 of the following year. All licence fees listed include 5% GST. For additional information, you may contact Manitoba Natural Resources at 1-800-214-6497. Or please e-mail us at Manitoba licences are not valid in National Parks.


  • youths less than 16 year of age do not require a licence
  • seniors aged 65 or over who have resided in Manitoba for 6 months prior to the licence issue date must obtain a seniors conservation licence at no charge. To keep a regular limit of fish, a regular angling licence is required
  • native people do not require a licence
  • Non-Resident people are defined as individuals who do not reside in Canada

The following sportfishing licences are available in Manitoba:

  • Manitoba resident - $25.08 (including GST)
    Manitoba resident conservation - $19.19 (incl. GST)
    Canadian resident - $47.65 (incl. GST)
    Canadian resident conservation - $28.02 (incl. GST)
    Foreign resident - $62.37 (incl. GST)
    Foreign resident conservation - $37.84 (incl. GST) 

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