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I have been guiding under the Banner "Cat Eye Outfitter" in Southern Manitoba and Northwest Ontario for 15 years. I am a registered Manitoba guide and outfitter (Manitoban Outfitter Lic#2015-0320152942 and Guide (#KIADAN11162)) and a high school teacher for 25 years in rural Manitoba. I am Pro-Staff with three great fishing organizations: Clam, Jiffy and Vexilar and regularly give semnars throughout the fishing year. I am also sponsored by Pro-Cure bait scents. As a member of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association I believe in responsible stewardship of our superb resources here in Manitoba.

I grew up north of Winnipeg (between Selkirk and Winnipeg) and spent an inordinate amount of time on the Red river --- yup even missed a bit of school!. I married a gal who's father grew up and had family until only recently in Pine Falls -- hence my connection with the Winnipeg river

My childhood buds and I took a keen interest to fishing in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. As a angler, I have been interested in the Manitoba Master angler program, earning all awards available. I really do enjoy the act of strategizing, and executing a plan to catch tropy sized fish. I also love to challenge myself each year by going to some place I haven't gone to before to catch whatever fish might swim in that particular water. Now I bring these two pursuits to my business, and look forward to the reward of seeing a client battle a big fish. I've had guests fish with me and say they have looked at my Master Angler pursuits saying that they thought it might be a good idea to hire a guide who has made it a personal goal to get out and catch big fish as a hobby!

Red River walleye guideRed River Catfish guide

I personally guide on weekends during the school year and am available most days throughout the summer. I will also guide for children who have special needs. I firmly believe that fishing should be an experience had by all. I am available to serve you and your family when you want to fish. I strive to provide a professional guide service that puts an emphasis on a quality experience that will keep you safe and comfortable....and catch fish, BIG fish!

Greenback fishing guideGreenback fishing guide

At Cat Eye Outfitter we are particularly interested in rounding out our angling acumen with a broad knowledge of different species and the lakes, rivers, reservoirs and ponds where they can be caught. We do specialize a bit but we really like to catch any fish that likes to bite! My hope is that by having this wide range of experiences and by continuing to learn we might be better guides for our clients! Many guides can tout themselves as "know-it-alls" or the " 'best' on this or that body of water" but our service prefers to present itself as having professional guides that are "seasoned fishing students" with "a commitment to continual learning". Beware of the services that pop up first when you do a google search....they've probably paid to get there!

Greenback fishing guideGreenback fishing guide

Lately I've been expanding the ice fishing side of the business. This part of our business has been growing over the past few years. As a hobby I write about my experiences while fishing during the summer or winter. My articles have been published in magazines, on various web sites across the internet and of course on my own site as well. Please go on to the "Articles" section of this site for a read. I enjoy the feed back they generate (from clients and the general public).

Perhaps you are interested in knowing more about Manitoba's Angling regulations or perhaps you want to know a bit more about touristic opportunities in Manitoba. Much has been said about the Red River for more information click here: Red River

About The Red River

The Red River of the North is a 545 mile long river that runs along the Minnesota/North Dakota border from Wahpeton, ND/Breckenridge, MN into Manitoba, Canada and eventually draining into the sprawling waters of Lake Winnipeg. Along its way it passes through numerous cities and towns providing water, beautiful scenery, and stellar fishing. Some of the major cities it passes through are Breckenridge, Moorhead, Fargo, Grand Forks, Winnipeg and finally Selkirk Manitoba.

The Red River is home to over 29 species of fish, most notably its famous channel catfish. Catfishing enthusiasts travel to the Red River from all over North America and the World for a shot at a monster Red River channel catfish. It is said that the catfish grow so big because of the short growing season that allows them to live a long time and get big but it also has to do with the abundant food supply and stringent protective regulations. Those regulations have helped to protect the larger catfish from over-harvest. The Red River is one of the only places on the continent that provides you the opportunity to possibly catch a 20+ pound channel with every hookset.

There truly is no other channel catfish experience quite like a trip to the Red River of the North.

Why should you hire a Red River Catfish Guide?

Different people hire fishing guides for many different reasons. One of the reasons why you might want to hire a Red River catfish guide is because you are new to catfishing and want to learn the basics of catching catfish and the gear required to successfully catch cats on your own. Another reason is you are not from the area and you want to experience some of the greatest channel catfishing in North America. By hiring a guide you don't have to have any boats, gear, or bait. All you have to do is simply show up and catch the Red River's famous gigantic Channel Catfish. The last and probably the most important reason why you would hire a Red River fishing guide is because you want to experience the Red River to the fullest by fishing with a professional, qualified, experienced guide and outfitter who knows the river like his own back yard, a guide who is up on the most current patterns and baits that will help put more and bigger fish in the boat.

When you hire Cat Eye Outfitter as your Red River catfish guide you can be assured that you will get the finest catfishing experience on the Red River of the North (Lockport to Lake Winnipeg) .

Practice CPR!

Catch, Photograph and Release. Release the big ones to preserve our fishing. Measure and photograph the fish to save the memory. Then enter the species and length (in inches) and press calculate to get an estimate of the weight in pounds.

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