Channel Catfish

Channel catfish as their latin name suggests Ictalarus "Punctatus" are a scrappy - pugnacious - fish. These fish, at the northern most extent of their habitat range, have grown to extraordinary proportions in bodies of water that are rich in forage and habitat. Too often the image that visitors have of these fish is limited to too small an area. Yes, the Red River is one of North America’s finest catfish fisheries. 

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However, to limit their presence to the prior is to miss out on a number of other important catfishing opportunities in Manitoba. Simply put, channel cats can be encountered in a variety of locales throughout southern Manitoba. Some of these areas are river related while lake fishing for these feisty game fish also exists. Keeping your options open means you'll see country and water that few will see or fish in a given year even though it is right in their own back yard. Go figure even more fishing!

In these articles you’ll find the reflections of a catfish fanatic and his reflections on the time he sets aside for angling this "gamey" fish. 

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