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Adventure Specialist

This is a "tour de force" for those who want to do something different. Perhaps the only requirement are anglers who are willing to go out and do whatever it takes.The benefit will be to see fishing from a "Canadian fishing fanatic's" point of view.Not your "everyday guided trip", but one that will challenge your fishing prowess. Give our professional Manitoba guides an opportunity to show you fishing you've only dreamed about in places where few have passed.

Your Adventure - The "Master's" Series

This has become one of our most popular options of late. Bring your boat, and GPS and hire us for a day of information about location, tactics, tackle, for different Master Angler options given seasonal factors. Dan has caught 26 of 30 different master angler sized species. Have a species you'd like to get on your Master Angler list? You cut down on what can be perhaps the most difficult component of any trip for a new Master Angler species and fishing in a new locale � getting to know the fishery and how to get those Master Angler fish. Let Cat Eye Outfitter your Manitoba fishing guide get you out there where the Master Angler fish are biting. Catch that "other" Master Angler species.

Rates: Please contact us and we will send you our price lists and any other information you require. For any information on any of the adventures described here, as well as what you can expect, contact us. References are available upon request. Manitoba Fishing Regulations 2014

Read Don Lamont's article from the Winnipeg Free Press, October 5, 2002 (.pdf article)

Master Angler Rainbow

Northern Adventure

This is a very special tour for those who want to experience big water and big fish.You will literally be where few will pass (or fish) in any given year. Hardware or fly fishing both excel for giant pike, chunky walleye, plentiful trout and even grayling. Time and personal strength are key requirements for this adventure. Fly or matter, it all works here! Special arrangements are required for this adventure... consider booking well in advance. Now available are numerous opportunities in the Lynn Lake area south and northwest. Got a fishing idea for the area? Give us a call (1-888-228-3933)and we'll see what we can do for you.

Northern Adventure

Trouting - West & East Adventures

Trout? Manitoba? You bet! This adventure can be made to fit your time and specific fly fishing abilities . Species to fish: Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Lake, Splake or hybrid trout. Streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, isolated --- you bet... they're all here! This part of the business is growing, so stay tuned for further developments.....Cat Eye Outfitter, four season multi-species fishing.

Trouting - West & East Adventures

Eastern Adventures

Most of the lakes are off road but not all of them; some portages and canoeing is required.Fantastic shield scenery and shore lunches to remember. Species targeted. Walleye, BASS and Pike. Bring your own fly rod and fly selection for pike and bass (You'll like this option!). If you don't fly fish, no problem! You'll catch just as many fish with your regular gear in these waters! Cat Eye Outfitter offers those unique guided Canadian fishing experiences that you read about in magazines. Why read about it when a professional Manitoba guide can take you there.

Eastern AdventuresEastern AdventuresEastern AdventuresEastern Adventures

Other Adventures
1. Walleye: Waterhen River
2. Sturgeon: Winnipeg River (Traverse Bay to Pine Falls dam)
3. Walleye: Lake of the Prairies
4. Perch: Lake Manitoba
5. Master Angler Quest: Name the species!
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MANITOBA FISHING LICENCES Manitoba has two classes of licences - regular and conservation. A conservation licence is intended for anglers who keep reduced limits of fish. Licences are valid from date of issue to April 30 of the following year. All licence fees listed include 5% GST. For additional information, you may contact Manitoba Natural Resources at 1-800-214-6497. Or please e-mail us at Manitoba licences are not valid in National Parks.


  • youths less than 16 year of age do not require a licence
  • seniors aged 65 or over who have resided in Manitoba for 6 months prior to the licence issue date must obtain a seniors conservation licence at no charge. To keep a regular limit of fish, a regular angling licence is required
  • native people do not require a licence
  • Non-Resident people are defined as individuals who do not reside in Canada

The following sportfishing licences are available in Manitoba:

  • Manitoba resident - $25.08 (including GST)
    Manitoba resident conservation - $19.19 (incl. GST)
    Canadian resident - $47.65 (incl. GST)
    Canadian resident conservation - $28.02 (incl. GST)
    Foreign resident - $62.37 (incl. GST)
    Foreign resident conservation - $37.84 (incl. GST) 

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